FIBER is an extension of the research activities of Columbia University’s Center for Business Cycle Research (CIBCR). FIBER was an integral part of the research going on at the Center and has since continued to provide top-notch analysis and leading indicator calculations. We have a reputation as the premier designer of leading economic indicators worldwide. Some of our work in the past has involved modeling and creating the leading indicators used by governments agencies, such as of Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Ukraine and the United States.

The Foundation for International Business and Economic Research (FIBER) is the leading developer of economic measurement techniques as applied to business cycles and inflation in the US and other market economies. In 1993 FIBER became the exclusive licensee of Columbia University’s Center for International Business Cycle Research (CIBCR) products. At that time almost of the CIBCR staff moved to FIBER. CIBCR, founded in 1979, specialized in studying the behavior of the economy during recessions and recoveries as reflected in many indicators such as production, employment and unemployment, prices and interest rates. In 1996 Columbia University decided to close CIBCR. Nonetheless FIBER continues the economic research and improvements to the indexes. 

FIBER’s proprietary indexes provide indispensable tools for economic forecasting. Historically these indexes have generally been shown to accurately anticipate market fluctuations and to identify economic prospects and risks. Numerous business leaders and investment managers rely on these indexes to make informed decisions. 

In 1998, FIBER formed an alliance with Delphi Economics AB, one of Northern European's leading companies in the field of financial management. FIBER incorporated the Delphi Economics financial risk analysis methodology into FIBER's leading economic indexes.  This synergy resulted in some of FIBER's current products, which forecast financial market movements by incorporating market forecasts in conjunction with leading and coincident economic indicators. 


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